Let’s call Milton, Pa. The City on the Rise. And in Milton there’s a man who by day goes by the name Dan MacArthur. But let’s call him The Cookie Dude. Sometimes, there’s a man. And we’re talking about The Cookie Dude. Sometimes, there’s a man…

All kidding and paraphrasing aside. The Cookie Dude is a product of a lot of love and inspiration. We have just one modest goal - to make your day better. We think by making everything from scratch, with great ingredients and a healthy dash of fun, we accomplish this. Cookies are our art. Cookies with character.

Go ahead and get to know us - first with a brief Q & A and then with cookies! Abide!

Q: What makes The Cookie Dude unique?

A: Lots of people say they only use the best ingredients, but we’ll show you the labels and receipts. We’re proud to use brands like King Arthur, Ghirardelli, Nielsen Massey and other top quality ingredients that really make a difference. But that’s only half the story. We think what makes us unique is that we’re part of a community trying to make this place and time better.

Q: Where do you come up with your flavors and names?

A: We have two rules at The Cookie Dude. 2) Cookies are fun. 1) So have fun when thinking up, making, selling and eating cookies. We take inspiration from some traditional flavors or desserts and sometimes we walk through a store and something catches our eye. As for the names, The Cookie Dude has an odd sense of humor and vocabulary to match. Some of the names come from music, movie or book references, some are just a lark. Have an idea for a new flavor? Email us at thecookiedude.dba@gmail.com and we'll give you credit and let you help us come up with a name for it. We'll also let you be a taste tester!

Q: Where can I get The Cookie Dude cookies?

A: We'll be at community events listed here. Or if you can't wait you can order cookies or join one of our Cookie of the Month clubs.